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Subject : Planning to visit Canada……need help!
Posted : 5/11/2009 3:14 AM (#2531)

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Hi everyone, I was planning a trip to Canada with myfamily. I don’t have much idea on that place and I am still preparing my plansto visit the country. I would like to know from the travelers as what are thepaces I should be visiting there and any suggestions and advices would bewelcome.

Thanks in advance!


Subject : Planning to visit Canada……need help!
Posted : 5/12/2009 4:28 AM (#2534 - in reply to #2531)

Posts: 3

Canada is a great country and you could really enjoy yourself out there if you have got a well planned trip. Any trip needs to be well-planned if you want to enjoy it completely. The unspoiled beauty of Canada's wilderness has been the playground for adventurers and vacationers alike for generations. It's exactly the kind of natural majesty that continually has visitors returning north of the border. I would recommend a visit to Montreal from the cities there as that is quite a good one. One more thing that I would advice would be getting a good accommodation there prior to your visit, as you would not be in trouble later. You can check out Vacation Rentals Montreal accommodation needs.


Subject : Planning to visit Canada……need help!
Posted : 3/14/2015 9:58 AM (#7328 - in reply to #2531)
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Atlantic Canada is a humpback whale diving deep off Terra Nova. It's the mighty tides of Fundy, and the grizzled face of a fisherman living what is real as he stares at the North Atlantic. It's a place where the epic struggles and grand sagas of nature have been playing out for billions of years - a place with a cultural landscape so unique that the very air you breathe seems to pulse with mystery and intrigue.


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