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Subject : What Should I Expect from a Driving R......
Posted : 11/21/2015 2:54 AM (#8408)
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Many people feel nervous when the time comes for them to take a driving road test. Like any test, however, being prepared may help the test taker to feel more confident and make fewer mistakes. Good preparation includes not only practice driving a vehicle, but also learning what to expect in advance. Generally, a test taker can expect to provide his permit and proof of insurance, to take a test drive with an examiner and to demonstrate abilities such as parallel parking.

Before the driving road test begins, the test taker usually has to show his permit, or its equivalent and provide proof that the vehicle to be used in the test is insured. This may mean showing the vehicle owner’s insurance card. In some places, it’s necessary to show the car owner’s license and vehicle registration as well. If a licensed driver has rented a car for the test taker to drive in the road test, he may have to produce a copy of the rental contract instead.


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Subject : What Should I Expect from a Driving R......
Posted : 4/15/2016 6:10 AM (#9445 - in reply to #8408)

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Yeah I agree that many people feel nervous when time comes to take driving test. I think professional instructor can help in overcoming this stress and nervousness. Instructors of my Port Macquarie Driving School help everyone a lot in all these things. Thankfully, I passed my test in the very first attempt.


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