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Subject : What to get a Neapolitan Pizzeria
Posted : 10/15/2014 2:50 PM (#4112)
Old School

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Things I'veoverheard in a Neapolitan pizzeria in San Clemente:

             "Oh, wow, there's not thatmuch cheese on this."

             "They're pretty small. Youcould probably eat one yourself." (Waitress to customer.)

             "You can't really pick itup."

I've never,ever, ever seen a Neapolitan pizzeria do by-the-slice pizza. It's a whole-pie-only,sit-down affair. Either that or a take-out or delivery thing. But, really, youdon't ever want to eat a boxed Neapolitan pizza. The crust just does not holdup well. It ends up steaming up in the confined space, and once it gets cold,it loses what crispness it had and has the potential to become very chewy.

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